A fire burning in a brown outdoor fireplace

Create your perfect and unique outdoor space

Redefining the wood – fired experience

From our conception we have had a clear objective to create premium wood fired outdoor fireplaces. Our concept is simple, to make fire the star of the show and remove all the unforgiving aspects of a real fire, the smoke and sparks part.

All our designs put the fire on show but with modern refinements designed into the product so that we preserve what is special, the flickering of the flame and the warmth.

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Handmade by experts

Proudly crafted in Britain by master makers

Our fireplaces provide that perfect focal point and meeting place to bring family and friends together.

We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing in house with skilled craftsmen from our corporate headquarters in Manchester, England. Our products deliver exceptional heat in a well designed and manufactured product that is built to last.

Our Makers

Quality that lasts

Beautiful, desirable & durable workmanship

Our manufacturing company was established in 1970 and prides itself on sheet metal manufacturing expertise.

The modern manufacturing facilities allow us to work in different metals, laser cutting, forming, and fabricating to our own designs.

All product finishing and assembly is undertaken in our Manchester plant where from we distribute throughout the UK.

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