A welder fabricating a fireplace

It’s so important to us that we stick to what we do best.

Doing our best is designing our own products and manufacturing them in the UK from our factory in Greater Manchester.

We believe in employing local people skilled in what they do.

We believe in employing young people and training them through our apprentice scheme so that they can take our brand into the future.

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A fire burning in a brown outdoor fireplace

The right materials for the environment

We believe in sourcing all our materials as locally as possible so that our manufacturing footprint on the environment is as small as possible.

It’s our simple ethos of doing things right that makes our product stand out from the crowd.

About L'Bode
Metal being cut in a laser machine

Made for British weather and use

All our products are made with real integrity and with a consistent quality focus.

Design and manufacturered in Brtiain for the British weather and climate.

It’s so often the case that cheap alternatives of our products are sold as being similar or the same but our products are built to last, to work as well as the day you bought them year on year.

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