The program.

Our program is based on a drop ship model, where you earn commission through your retail sale, and buy our product at a discounted rate, where you retain the difference as the fee and we ship direct to the customer.

  • Apply...

    1. Apply to be a L’Bode Distributor below, making sure to complete all relevant information.
    2. We review your application. This can take up to 7 working days.
    3. We will be in touch by email to either provide you with our distributor packet and commission pricing, or a reason why the partnership may not be suitable at this time.
  • List

    1. Once you’ve the distributor packet, you can get started setting up your outlet listing L’Bode products.

      The packet contains:
      a. Base descriptions
      b. Selection of photos and images
      c. Brand guide
      d. Approved retailer logo
    2. You start selling the products through your outlet of choice.
  • Sale!

    1. You get your first sale!
    2. You complete the L’Bode order form.
    3. We invoice you.
    4. You pay.
    5. We drop ship it direct to the customer.